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e*statements disclaimer

By enrolling in Hancock Federal Credit Union e*Statement service, you agree to stop receiving mailed paper statements in the future.


We are pleased to make his service available to you at no additional cost. As part of the registration process, please read the following disclosure and indicate your acceptance at the bottom.


In order to send you notification of your current e-Statement, we must always have your current e-Mail address on file. If you change your e-Mail address, please call us at (419) 424-0163 so that we may update your file.


If you decide to stop receiving e*Statements and return to traditional paper account statements, please contact us and we will make this change. It may take up to 2 statement cycles for your change to take effect depending on when we received your request and if the statement file had already been issued at the time of your request.


You understand that your statements will include information concerning both your Share/Deposit Accounts and Loan/Credit Card Accounts with the credit union, and may include disclosures required under the Truth-In-Lending Act, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the Truth-In-Savings Act and/or similar consumer disclosure laws. You agree to the receipt of these consumer disclosures in electronic format described herein.


You will be notified by e-mail each time that a new statement becomes available for your inspection. It is your responsibility to access the statement. You can gain access to your account statements by logging into e*Teller; Hancock Federal Credit Union's online banking service. Please contact us if you need assistance logging into Online Banking.


By requesting to receive your statements electronically, you are telling Hancock Federal Credit Union that you have printing capabilities.


By submitting this request, you authorize Hancock Federal Credit Union to discontinue sending statements via postal mail service and begin sending your statement information.

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